Monday, September 19, 2011

Pension Asset Managers Push for Disclosure of Energy Performance Data

I was astounded to read recently that a global consortium of pension asset managers, including USS in the UK and APG and PGGM in the Netherlands, have convinced some of the world's largest property managers to disclose detailed data on the environmental and energy performance (sustainability) of their funds. More than 340 property funds and companies responded to the call for action by the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark Foundation (GRESB) to disclose information on environmental management and energy performance. GRESB is backed by $1.7 trillion in institutional capital. APG and PGGM were founding partners in the GRESB Foundation. APG also indicated that the information disclosed is being used in its investment decision-making.

This is just another piece in a growing body of evidence that building energy performance disclosure is a train that has left the station. It is only a matter of time before a build's energy use and relative performance will become just another building attribute, no different than a building's floor area or date of construction.

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