Friday, January 27, 2012

Latest Edition of IPMVP Released

The Efficiency Valuation Organization just announced release of its 2012 International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), updating the 2010 edition. The IPMVP provides a standardized framework for evaluating savings associated with energy efficiency improvements and is generally recognized as a best practice for M&V.

The update introduces two new concepts: "operational verification" and "monitoring and targeting." Both have been added as tasks to be performed as a part of the project M&V program. Four operational verification approaches are identified in the IPMVP guidance document: visual inspection; sample spot measurements; short-term performance testing; and data trending and control logic review. Operational verification can serve as a low-cost initial step for realizing energy savings potential and precedes energy savings verification activities. It also can be applied to support energy savings persistence after the the ECMs have been installed and performance verified. "Monitoring and targeting" also can follows M&V to achieve energy savings persistence. The end goal is to insure that energy savings resulting from the ECMs installed continue at the highest possible level long after measurement and verification.

The update includes a number of additional changes and can be downloaded at no cost on EVO's web site (

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